What government awaits Zimbabwe next week?

How is it that with such a long, rich history of pain, and deep experience of heartbreak, abuse and lies, smart girls still fall for the lies of cheap confidence tricksters and con-lovers? How is it, ...

By Zifiso Masiye | Published: 4 hours ago


Mujuru to win the presidential election on July 30

THREE years after she was unceremoniously fired from Zanu-PF and government, former vice-president Joice Mujuru will on July 30 contest her first election as an opposition candidate and she believes v...

By Staff reporter | Published: 4 hours ago


Chigumba's sex life and the pitfalls of social media

I am not sure if Priscilla Chigumba, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) chair, bleached to be such a yellow-bone. But I am not rushing to make her pigmentation any of my business because it's not...

By Tawanda Majoni | Published: 4 hours ago


Mnangagwa, Chamisa must value key meetings

The Church has for years played a crucial role in governance issues, brokering in conflict situations and also taking part in several ceasefire negotiations.On Thursday, the Jesuit-run Arupe College i...

By Staff reporter | Published: 4 hours ago


Undenge sentence too lenient

YESTERDAY'S conviction and sentencing of former Energy and Power Development minister Samuel Undenge to four years imprisonment for Criminal Abuse of Office should send a strong message to all corrupt...

By Staff reporter | Published: 4 hours ago


Electoral offences

With the elections some days away, emotions are heating up and the rate of election-related crimes and offences is also rising.Some crimes are being committed intentionally and some unintentionally. A...

By Miriam Tose Majome | Published: 4 hours ago


Landslide electoral victory for Chamisa

A CREDIBLE, free and fair election is going to be an outright victory for MDC alliance leader Nelson Chamisa, as indicated by all credible opinion polls. Chamisa will garner no less than 65% of the vo...

By Nkululeko Sibanda | Published: 4 hours ago


Chamisa to be arrested after elections?

Judging by on-line reaction, this column has only a handful of readers, but millions of critics! Which is what makes writing it worth every of my while.Week in, week out, you get fiery feedback from p...

By Igomombe | Published: 4 hours ago


July 30 election: Not free, fair or credible

As things stand at present, it is evident that these elections cannot be called free, fair or credible without some remarkable changes taking place.The fast approaching elections in Zimbabwe are cause...

By Ibbo Mandaza & Tony Reeler | Published: 20 July 2018


Mugabe's resignation as voluntary as it could be

CHIEF Justice Luke Malaba has finally settled the matter of former President Robert Mugabe's departure by ruling in his chambers at the Constitutional Court that Mugabe resigned voluntarily last year....

By Conway Tutani | Published: 20 July 2018


Chamisa, Zimbabwe's young political crusader

In his tailored suits and designer jewellery, Zimbabwe's main opposition leader Nelson Chamisa can work a crowd with all the drama of the Pentecostal preacher that he is.At 40, he is nearly half the a...

By BBC Africa | Published: 20 July 2018


Chamisa's much ado about ZEC, ballot paper

Change is in the air for this election in more ways than one. Voters in Zimbabwe will be presented with a new format ballot paper on July 30, 2018. They will not see the usual ballot paper, where Pres...

By Vusi Nyamazana | Published: 20 July 2018


Zim judges, generals and post-coup dynamics

Soon after the toppling of former president Robert Mugabe in November last year in a coup and the ascendancy of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, High Court judge Charles Hungwe immediately ruled that the...

By Andrew Kunambura | Published: 20 July 2018


Chamisa should now rethink its strategy

WHILE opposition political parties, with the MDC Alliance leading the pack, have genuine questions concerning the voters' roll, ballots, postal votes and polling booths, they must now focus on other c...

By Faith Zaba | Published: 20 July 2018


Infrastructure financing key for Zim's economy

Infrastructure is the backbone of economies throughout the universe. An efficient and well-maintained infrastructure is critical in sustaining an economy.Infrastructure is considered a key component o...

By Dephine Mazambani | Published: 19 July 2018


Mnangagwa should postpone elections

Last week, I published findings from my research of six years on how certain individuals had abrogated themselves the role of choosing Zimbabwe's elected leaders through an elaborate election rigging ...

By Mkhululi Tshuma | Published: 19 July 2018


Chamisa's rigging allegations: A case of history repeating itself

Those who have meticulously followed developments on Zimbabwe's political landscape since President Emmerson Mnangagwa proclaimed the date of the 2018 harmonised elections will, no doubt, concur with ...

By Cuthbert Mavheko | Published: 19 July 2018


Communication, trust and ZEC

With only a few days to go before Zimbabweans make their way to the polls to elect their political leaders for the next five years, the eyes of the of the nation and those observing are glued to the Z...

By Christopher Farai Charamba | Published: 19 July 2018


Chigumba wrong pick for Chamisa's tango pal

The history of tango music or tango dance, a South American (specifically Argentine) routine, dates back to the late 19th century and has seen its popularity rise and fall over the years. Tango is des...

By Tichaona Zindoga | Published: 19 July 2018


Seizing opportunities in Zimbabwe's new era

As Zimbabwe courts investors and ramps up efforts to create a business-friendly environment, connectivity and communication will be key to forging a path towards the country's digital future, says Nev...

By Never Ncube | Published: 18 July 2018


July 30 gives Zimbabwe opportunity to break from past

The upcoming election is a great opportunity for Zimbabweans in general, for the current political leadership and even for the ousted dictator, himself, I will explain why.Of course, for the masses, t...

By Charles Kangai | Published: 18 July 2018


Redesigned voting booth exposes Zec fears

AS the crucial July 30 general elections draw closer, the political atmosphere is increasingly becoming toxic, with opposition parties getting more and more suspicious of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commis...

By Staff reporter | Published: 18 July 2018


MDC-Alliance spoiling for fight they can't win

THE threats to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) by Nelson Chamisa, leader of the MDC-Alliance are indeed unfortunate. They are a futile attempt by a player to influence the outcome of the elect...

By Lloyd Msipa | Published: 18 July 2018


Inside Chamisa's winter of discontent

On  Monday we woke up to a screaming headline in an opposition-leaning newspaper that told us that the MDC-Alliance had given the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission an ultimatum of 24 hours to address...

By Tichaona Zindoga | Published: 18 July 2018


ZEC update on poll preparations

Postal voting Over the last few days, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has witnessed incidents where some elements have tried to destabilise the processing of the postal vote on the pretext of ...

By ZEC | Published: 17 July 2018

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