The price of inflation will be very high for Government of Zimbabwe

How many jobs were created in the Midlands province in the month of June 2019? Were there policies put in place, 12 or 6 months ago, in Midlands that can be referenced as explanatory to the job number...

By Chris Chenga | Published: 22 August 2019


Attack on Mugabe coup announcer exposes polarisation

LAST Friday, in an unprecedented move - Foreign Affairs minister Sibusio Moyo and his delegation to London - were attacked by a group of angry Zimbabweans in the English capital city.The unwarranted a...

By Editorial Comment | Published: 16 July 2019


Getting Zimbabwe back on track

IT is extremely frustrating to sit on the sidelines of this game we are all playing called "getting Zimbabwe back on track".We are doing so many of the right things, our team is looking much better th...

By Eddie Cross | Published: 12 July 2019


Exchange rate upward pressure on

Exchange rate upward pressure onTHERE were signs this week that the grey market was slowly returning from its brief sabbatical following the monetary policy dawn raid of June 24 that called out the mu...

By Brett Chulu | Published: 12 July 2019


Mthuli Ncube, spare us those hikes

While ordinary Zimbabweans are bearing the brunt of the high cost of living following the recent fuel price hikes, the situation could get tougher if indications by Finance minister Mthuli Ncube are a...

By Editorial - Newsday | Published: 12 July 2019


Unexplained wealth orders here to stay

THE proposed introduction of a free-standing procedure which compels an individual to explain the source of his wealth is a radical development in English law. For instance, the human rights and polit...

By Prosper Simbarashe Maguchu | Published: 12 July 2019


Job Sikhala must stop behaving like a teaser bull

MDC-Alliance deputy national chairperson Job Sikhala, who has been arraigned before the courts on allegations of subverting a constitutionally-elected Government, is indeed, not new to controversy. It...

By Isdore Guvamombe | Published: 12 July 2019


Sikhala's foot in mouth: Storm in a tea cup

THOSE who have been following Zimbabwean politics since the country's independence in 1980 are most likely wondering what all the hullaballoo is about over the statements made by ultra-controversial o...

By Editorial - Newsday | Published: 10 July 2019


Zimbabwe economic crisis a silhouette of the political crisis

The enduring crisis in Zimbabwe presents a conundrum to a lot of people.To the generality of Zimbabweans,whose only desire is the pursuit of a dignified existence, the debilitating liquidity crunch, f...

By Learnmore Zuze | Published: 09 July 2019


Mnangagwa's re-engagement efforts bear fruit

The recent launch of formal dialogue between Zimbabwe and the European Union (EU) is an indication that President Mnangagwa's re-engagement endeavours, which seek to integrate the country back into th...

By Cuthbert Mavheko | Published: 05 July 2019


Mnangagwa's govt should consult citizens, stakeholders

GOVERNMENT should consistently consult with its citizens and stakeholders in the development and adoption of key policy changes and reforms. This is against the recent reintroduction of the Zimbabwe d...

By Blessing Kasiyamhuru | Published: 05 July 2019


ZCTU can do better than demonstrate for redollarisation

No good deed goes unpunished.Normally, the doer of a good deed expects just a "thank you", but usually someone is adversely affected by the good deed. For example, saving someone's life from a crimina...

By Conway Tutani | Published: 05 July 2019


Zimbabwean attitude, self hate

Is it not a shame that over the years, a lot of us have been taught by the West to define everything from democracy to good governance and accountability in the eyes of foreigners as if we are still a...

By Isdore Guvamombe | Published: 05 July 2019


Mugabe is gone; long live Mugabe!

When a king dies, an announcement is made that: "The king is dead; long live the king", quite a confusing statement for many of us that may not be aware of the intricacies of death and ascension in mo...

By Nqaba Matshazi | Published: 04 July 2019


Dictatorship clearly anachronistic

The propensity by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to dictatorial tendencies is probably the biggest drawback to his well-intentioned efforts to reform the country's economy, which has been in a tailspin ...

By Staff reporter | Published: 04 July 2019


TelOne: Even good management cannot save a parastatal

Bad management has helped sink many Zimbabwean parastatals, but TelOne, the state-owned telco, shows that not even the best leadership can keep a state enterprise afloat as long as government keeps up...

By newZWire | Published: 04 July 2019


The new Zimdollar: What could go wrong?

ZIMBABWE last week made its interim currency, the RTGS dollar, the country's sole legal tender, drawing the curtains on a decade of United States dollar dominance. Harare was forced to abandon its own...

By Ed Stoddard | Published: 03 July 2019


Analysis of Zimbabwe's Statutory Instrument 142 of 2019

ON June 24, 2019, Zimbabwe woke to news of a statutory instrument with clearly far-reaching effects in that it alters the currency landscape. This instrument has been followed by directives from the R...

By Mushoriwa Pasi | Published: 01 July 2019


Applying lipstick on a pig will not work Mnangagwa

EACH American election cycle produces a phrase or word that either becomes controversial or defines the election.In 2008, then Senator Barack Obama found himself in the eye of a storm when he criticis...

By Nqaba Matshazi | Published: 27 June 2019


Intolerance is Zimbabwe's major undoing

FOR weeks on end the main opposition MDC party has been threatening to take to the streets and bushes of rural areas to protest the country's deteriorating economic situation while the ruling Zanu-PF ...

By Editorial Newsday | Published: 27 June 2019


Scrapping of multi-currency regime: The implications

ON Monday, the government announced major changes in the monetary policy of Zimbabwe, highlighted by the ending of a 10-year multi-currency system.Further measures announced include the intended steri...

By Respect Gwenzi | Published: 26 June 2019


The Chamisa effect and hope for a new Zimbabwe

NELSON Chamisa, the unopposed president of the opposition MDC, recently announced the members of his national executive committee. The appointments are not surprising - in many respects, they are a cu...

By Obert Hodzi | Published: 26 June 2019


Zimbabwe's endless currency circus and cycle

When it comes to currency management in Zimbabwe there is always déjà vu which is a result of repeated fallible prescriptions. It's a circus where the actors enjoy their never-ending play with the a...

By Ngonidzaishe Makaha and Adrian Mapiye | Published: 14 June 2019


Mnangagwa's govt re-ignites currency debate

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa's remarks over the weekend that Zimbabwe would have a fully-fledged local currency before the end of the year, ending the multi-currency regime enacted in 2009, effectivel...

By Brett Chulu | Published: 14 June 2019


Zimbabwe in austerity-induced recession

"OUTPUT in Zimbabwe is expected to contract in 2019 with a sharp rise in inflation reducing real incomes and foreign exchange shortages constraining activity," the World Bank reports in its Global Eco...

By Tinashe Kaduwo | Published: 14 June 2019

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