How to start your own gold mining company

THE last article looked at the way one obtains a Prospecting Licence and gets to peg a mine. Today's article will look at starting your gold mining company. After considering all the requirements for ...

By Trynos Nkomo | Published: 05 May 2019


You are on the right path Mthuli but....

I can't help but feel sorry for Finance and Economic Development Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube.By now the economy should have been showing signs of stabilising.Experts say for the first time since i...

By Munyaradzi Hwengwere | Published: 05 May 2019


Directors must up their game

Good corporate governance practices require company directors to think outside the box and act as responsible corporate citizens in order to retain the trust and confidence of both shareholders and ke...

By Allen Choruma | Published: 05 May 2019


Local currency comeback most welcome

The madness seems relentless across all platforms.One school of thought is that  sooner than later, the RTGS rate to the US dollar will reach its full elasticity, beyond which it will not advance...

By Garikai Mazara | Published: 05 May 2019


'If we fail to adapt, we are doomed,' says Mutsvangwa

SalutationsLadies and gentlemen,It is my great pleasure to join you today, at a moment we are marking the 2019 World Press Freedom Day commemorations under the international theme "Media for Democracy...

By Monica Mutsvangwa | Published: 05 May 2019


Mystery of Zimbabwe's forex market

"Zimbabwe's tobacco sales have reached a record high of 237,1 million kg with a week to go before the selling season ends, official data showed" - Reuters (July 23 2018)."Gold deliveries to Fidelity P...

By Chigogwana, Sikhosana and Mashozhera | Published: 03 May 2019


Mnangagwa should ensure rule of law is followed

THIS week, we carried a story in which President Emmerson Mnangagwa came to the rescue of 20 000 villagers who were being evicted from a piece of land in Domboshawa, where a Chinese miner wants to sta...

By Editorial - Newsday | Published: 03 May 2019


Are Zimbabwean MNOs really overcharging?

It is not every day that you see an industry regulator defending the prices of products and services offered by industry players that it regulates. But this is exactly what the Postal and Telecommunic...

By Staff reporter | Published: 03 May 2019


Regulating the right to protest

One of the biggest duties and responsibilities of any government is the protection of its citizens and all those that fall within its jurisdiction. Ironically, that protection is from other citizens. ...

By Nick Mangwana | Published: 03 May 2019


Mnangagwa's govt ready to spill blood again

IT SEEMS President Emmerson Mnangagwa's young government has not learned from all the previous mistakes they have made in their time in power. Since coming into power following a military coup in Nove...

By Editorial - Daily News | Published: 02 May 2019


Mnangagwa's workers' day message: 'Restore workers' dignity'

Press statement by His Excellency, E.D. Mnangagwa, President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, on the occasion of the Workers' Day celebrations 1 May 2019 Fellow workers of Zimbabwe On behalf of the Govern...

By President Mnangagwa | Published: 01 May 2019


Mnangagwa's legitimacy cannot be wished away

FORMER MDC official Eddie Cross portrays the administration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa as an improvement on that of former president Robert Mugabe.He claims that the overthrow of Mugabe was legit...

By Mike Carter | Published: 30 April 2019


RBZ sabotaging Zimbabwe economic recovery

WHEN Mthuli Ncube was appointed Finance and Economic Development minister, he quickly took charge at the ministry, appointing a new permanent secretary and several directors and publishing a Transitio...

By Eddie Cross | Published: 29 April 2019


Mnangagwa must urgently act on worsening economic crisis

THE political and socio-economic crises in Zimbabwe is slowly edging towards the tipping point as espoused by the Registrar-General (RG) Office's failure to issue passports and standard national ID ca...

By Editorial - Newsday | Published: 29 April 2019


Zimbabwe youth will claim their country in 2023

LAST week I watched a video of Patrick Chinamasa chanting the ED-pfee slogan pitching the Mnangagwa presidential candidacy for the 2023 elections. For some, kicking off elections campaign for 2023 thi...

By Tapiwa Gomo | Published: 29 April 2019


The DA - MDC unholy Alliance

South Africa goes to elections next month at a time when the ruling African National Congress (ANC) is under siege for taking a decision to redistribute land. President Cyril Ramaphosa has been strong...

By Isdore Guvamombe | Published: 29 April 2019


Zimbabwe opposition and lost opportunities

Election 2018 was largely considered a landmark event for the different meanings and opportunities that were attached to it, particularly for the new faces in the presidential race, Emmerson Mnangagwa...

By Reason Wafawarova | Published: 29 April 2019


Pfeesident must help Dabengwa in his hour of need

Many States have a public official titled the State architect - for us and one such person is no doubt Dumiso Dabengwa, the former head of intelligence for the Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Army, th...

By Hon Criss | Published: 28 April 2019


How Chinhara built his Glow Petroleum empire

Gift Phiri sits down for a wide-ranging interview with Glow Petroleum Trading (Private) Limited managing director Aaron Chinhara about his journey in the fuel retail, mining and commodity broking busi...

By Staff reporter | Published: 28 April 2019


'Address interbank market glitches'

The Government should address glitches in the interbank market system to help stabilise prices of basic commodities, manufacturers and retailers have said.This follows Vice President Dr Constantino Ch...

By Harmony Agere | Published: 28 April 2019


Inside the MDC VPs race

The MDC led by Nelson Chamisa will hold its elective congress in May, and four of the candidates for the vice presidency are females, Tracy Mutinhiri, Paurina Mpariwa, Lynette Karenyi Kore, and Lillia...

By Staff reporter | Published: 28 April 2019


Mnangagwa has to walk the talk

Over a year after President Emmerson Mnangagwa swept to power on the back of a military coup where he promised "a new and unfolding democracy", Zimbabwe has hardly changed.The groundwork had been laid...

By Editorial - The Standard | Published: 28 April 2019


There goes Mnangagwa bluffing, yet again!

History has a rich record of dumb presidents, so you really don't worry too much when President Emmerson Mnangagwa forgets the name of the National Sports Stadium or messes up simple math during a pol...

By Tawanda Majoni | Published: 28 April 2019


Zimbabwe MFIs seek exemption from 2% money transfer tax

Microfinance institutions (MFI) play a key role in providing financial services to the unbanked population of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has a fairly vibrant MFI sector and Parliament is currently tasked with...

By Staff reporter | Published: 28 April 2019


The rationale behind Mnangagwa's pro-poor interventions

Since October last year prices of most basic commodities and services have been on an upward trajectory making life difficult for the majority of people. Manufacturers, retailers and other supply chai...

By Khumbulani Vodlaza Sibanda | Published: 28 April 2019

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