Good governance key to securing more funding for Zimbabwe

We note with pleasure the signing of a $270 million deal for the National Indicative Programme (Nip) between Zimbabwe and the European Union (EU) yesterday.The deal is targeted at supporting agricultu...

By Staff reporter | Published: 17 February 2015


Make the most of that qualification!

Education doesn't come cheap! For education to prove an investment, one needs to have a clear vision of what one wants to gain out of it. And it will prove to be as useful as you want to make it.A pie...

By Regenesys | Published: 16 February 2015


Rapidly creating high performing teams

We all need results and we need them fast. The importance of having the right people on the job and ensuring that they are performing has never been more critical for organisations.The debate on how ...

By Regenesys | Published: 15 October 2014


Building a relevant board

If you are an entrepreneur, you would usually become a director of your company and the first director of your board. Also, if you are a manager and you stick around long enough, you may get to the di...

By Regenesys | Published: 29 August 2014


Action marketing

Marketing is one of the most misunderstood areas of business, and so it often becomes an area that is neglected. What good marketers know is that marketing is more about putting ideas into action than...

By Regenesys | Published: 29 August 2014


Adapting business models for emerging markets

Increasingly, companies are looking for their future growth in emerging markets. Up to now the recommendation has been that the only way that companies can prosper in these markets is to cut costs rel...

By Regenesys | Published: 29 August 2014


Let's support 'buy Zimbabwe' initiative

Despite the economic challenges, Zimbabwe has remained resilient and continues to move forward.That is part of the national DNA. The adoption of the multi-currency system that includes the United Stat...

By Vandudzai Zirebwa Buy Zimbabwe | Published: 29 July 2014


Breaking your investment fears

Young people are afraid of investment...Most people born in the early 1990’s and who are entering the real world after studies and graduation have only experienced recession and negative news about ...

By Regenesys | Published: 29 July 2014


Important leadership skills for your career

Your career as a leaderLeadership skills are always valuable in moving you through your career, and ultimately to being a leader of an organisation (possibly your own). So, the key questions that need...

By Regenesys | Published: 22 July 2014


Consequences of low national savings

Saving is the process of setting aside a portion of current income for future use. The resources accumulated in this way over a given period of time are referred to as "savings”. Savings may take th...

By Sanderson Abel | Published: 21 July 2014


Why ZimAsset is such a good policy

Zimbabwe's latest broad economic policy - the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset) - has been described as positive by a number of agencies, not least the World Ban...

By STaff reporter | Published: 10 July 2014


Scenario planning for strategic thinking

Managers implicitly act against a scenario or mental model that highlights how the world will work into the future.Scenario planning is a tool in the strategic planning toolkit that creates the possib...

By Regenesys | Published: 10 July 2014


Leading without authority

When you sit with ideas and you want to go places, it is often one of the hardest tasks to figure out how to lead without authority. Good leaders know they should unlock the potential of people by giv...

By Regenesys | Published: 03 July 2014


Importance of repaying bank loans

Financial institutions are a major source of funding that individual and organisations can borrow to finance personal and business issues.However, all borrowings from whatever source; banks, credit st...

By Sanderson Abel | Published: 02 July 2014


'Zimbabweans lack business acumen'

Government has admitted that Zimbabweans generally lack the skills to run businesses despite introducing Indigenisation policy, which stipulates a 49-51% ownership structure between foreign investors ...

By Tatenda Macheka | Published: 30 June 2014


SA's wage rise a sneaky win for Zimbabwe

After what seemed like a lifetime, South Africa's Association of Mine workers and Construction Unions successfully negotiated a settlement with employers promising to triple entry level mining wages o...

By Bhekinkosi Ngubeni | Published: 30 June 2014


Manufacturing pharmaceuticals: An untapped opportunity

Ever since the high tech generic drug production facility, Cinpharm-Cameroon, was set up, it is relatively easier for Cameroonians to have access to medicines. Now a low wage earner can access a cour...

By Carlos Lopes I BH24 | Published: 26 June 2014


The art of delegation

The art of delegationManagers are expected to achieve results. Some definitions of management actually define this art as achieving objectives through others. The question is how can we effectively do...

By Regenesys | Published: 26 June 2014


How to deliver better service

Delivering serviceWe all like good service - but it is often hard for an organisation to get to grips with the requirements for defining a service as 'good'.Anyone can sell an idea once, but the key t...

By Regenesys | Published: 24 June 2014


Buy local, save jobs

The latest figures from Zimstats indicate that the period  January to May 2014, Zimbabwe's trade deficit increased to $1,4 billion up from close to $400 million the first quarter of the year.&nbs...

By Vandudzai Zirebwa Buy Zimbabwe | Published: 24 June 2014


The public sector entrepreneur - a new type of leadership

When you put public sector and entrepreneur in the same sentence it is tempting to think of tenderpreneurs or corrupt officials who run businesses on the side. This article highlights the emerging ide...

By Regenesys | Published: 14 June 2014


Zim has all elements of a healthy economy

Zimbabwe is never far from the headlines of South African newspapers. This is understandable. We have close ties to our northern neighbour and SA has provided a home to fleeing Zimbabweans, both white...

By Andrew Robinson I BDLive | Published: 06 June 2014


Mentoring yourself for entrepreneurial success

When people look for mentors they often overlook the power of giving oneself good advice and following it. A mentor is valuable because he or she will encourage you to do your best and stay on course,...

By Regenesys | Published: 06 June 2014


Multicurrencies: impact of the Chinese currency

The recent addition of the Chinese currency, among others, into Zimbabwe's much-admired multicurrency system (which the new RBZ governor has already branded as being sin qua non to the Zim economy rev...

By Colls Ndlovu | Published: 30 May 2014


I heard it through the grapevine

Word of mouth - getting people talking about your companyWe all love to talk. We talk about our experiences with products and services, from cars and technology, to the latest movies and our experienc...

By Regenesys | Published: 29 May 2014

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