Command economics no longer hold sway

When President Emmerson Mnangagwa announced his Cabinet in September last year - following his hotly-disputed July 30 poll victory - there was generally wide approval from Zimbabweans.The reasons for ...

By Staff reporter | Published: 08 January 2019


Delta debacle: Dialogue key

The debacle between Government and Delta Corporation over the latter's announcement that it intended to price its products in foreign currency, brings to the fore the dire need for a social contract b...

By Africa Moyo | Published: 06 January 2019


Mnangagwa's ministers fail 2018 ratings

As Zimbabweans waved goodbye to 2018 yesterday, and awaited with much trepidation the dawn of the new year, in the light of the country's deepening economic woes, the Daily News - as per its rich annu...

By Staff reporter | Published: 02 January 2019


Building Africa's scientific talent

Ten years ago, South African physicist Neil Turok made a bold prediction: the world's next Einstein will be from Africa. A decade later, it is worth considering whether the continent is any closer to ...

By Daniel Mundeva | Published: 01 January 2019


2018 did not inspire hope for 2019

Today marks the end of 2018 and what a dramatic year it has been. It started off full of promise and hope coming just six weeks after departure of former President Robert Mugabe.There was renewed hope...

By Tapiwa Gomo | Published: 31 December 2018


Chamisa desperate for Mnangagwa talks

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has described 2018 as very difficult following the death of the opposition party's founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai and a controversial election in July.Chamisa (NC...

By Staff reporter | Published: 30 December 2018


Re-dollarisation of economy: Wrong turn for Zimbabwe

There is an effervescence in the economy - an imperceptible but definite shift towards re- dollarisation of the economy.Initially a trickle, this will soon turn into a mighty tide in one direction –...

By Joseph Mverecha | Published: 30 December 2018


Zimbabwean students fall prey to scammers

What began as a dream to hone their skills and knowledge in international capitals of the world such as Beijing has turned out to be a living nightmare for many Zimbabwean students.Duped out of their ...

By Fatima Bulla | Published: 30 December 2018


'Mthuli Ncube's budget is a waste of time'

IT is a great pleasure to debate the 2019 national budget.  This budget, Honourable Speaker Sir, could not have come at a time of greater fragility and greater vulnerability of our country.The ec...

By Tendai Biti | Published: 23 December 2018


Why Beitbridge should fit into National Ports Authority scope

The quest to boost productivity in industries and to grow the national economy has seen Zimbabwe, like any other progressive nation in the world, coming up with a raft of measures to remove trade barr...

By Thupeyo Muleya | Published: 21 December 2018


Who is fooling who on unity govt?

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, not once but twice, last week, ruled out forming a government of national unity (GNU) with opposition leader Nelson Chamisa.On the other hand, Chamisa continues to push f...

By Staff reporter | Published: 20 December 2018


Exchange control is the central problem facing Zimbabwe at present

BY introducing exchange control via the Reserve Bank, the State has done the following:     Created a system to ‘sweep’ some US$3 billion in direct foreign earnings into the no...

By Eddie Cross | Published: 19 December 2018


August 1 massacre commander's promotion raises stink

Presidential Guard commander Anselem Nhamo Sanyatwe's recent promotion to the rank of Major-General before the release of the results of the commission of inquiry (COI) into the August 1 shooting rais...

By Editorial - newsday | Published: 19 December 2018


The West judges Zimbabwe differently

The Western world judges Zimbabwe at a higher standard than it does other African countries, and that's not entirely a bad thing.The temptation is to demand that the European Union (EU) and the United...

By newZWire | Published: 17 December 2018


Chamisa is THE problem

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa is no longer a factor in solving Zimbabwe's problems and neither is he worthy talking to over governance. He is a waste of time. For President Mnangagwa to dialogue ...

By Isdore Guvamombe | Published: 17 December 2018


Which fundamentals require attention?

There is a real sense of despair in the country. Perhaps it is a left over from the heady days when we celebrated the final departure of former President Robert Mugabe from office and welcomed a 'new'...

By Eddie Cross | Published: 10 December 2018


Is Zimbabwe ebuilding or establishing a new economy?

THE struggle to figure a way forward continues. The fire-fighting approach is the order of the day. Despite the various economic policy directions by the government, there is lack of clarity on where ...

By Tapiwa Gomo | Published: 10 December 2018


MDC - Zanu-PF talks would cost Mnangagwa the economy

The unwelcome subject of another unity government keeps being foisted on Zimbabweans by the distractive opposition MDC-Alliance of Nelson Chamisa.  It makes no difference that they want to disgui...

By Staff reporter | Published: 10 December 2018


Digital tax headache for small economies

Taxation of digital services like Facebook, e-Commerce, cloud services, video streaming, Twitter and Google advertising is a complex global problem.Countries like Zimbabwe, which are beneficiaries but...

By Dr Dennis Magaya | Published: 09 December 2018


Daylight robbery of pricing at 4:1, but giving change at 1:1

As economic recovery measures are implemented, let's discuss this wrong mentality - yes, wrong - that nothing works until everything works because in real life there are no quick and easy fixes.For on...

By Conway Tutani | Published: 07 December 2018


Changing presidential age limit no stroll in the park

Of all the problems facing the country, the Zimbabwe War Veterans' Association felt the most pressing concern is the age limit of presidential candidacy in the Constitution, which they feel needs to b...

By Paul Kaseke | Published: 07 December 2018


What are the realistic chances for political dialogue in Zimbabwe?

All political transitions (without exception) whether occasioned by revolution, externally driven or resulting from an election, are perfected through dialogue between the contending forces in society...

By Brian T Kagoro | Published: 07 December 2018


Doctors' demands more important than chiefs' cars

IN the run-up to the July 30 elections, Zanu-PF leader President Emmerson Mnangagwa promised that he would be a listening President and that his government was going to guarantee an affordable, but vi...

By Editorial - newsday | Published: 05 December 2018


Chamisa's road to nowhere after Sadc shuts door

Every fair-minded person knew it all along but Sadc helped drill the point into recalcitrant opposition heads at the weekend when the regional body declared that President Mnangagwa's legitimacy is un...

By Staff reporter | Published: 04 December 2018


Govt must address key issues behind doctors' strike

GOVERNMENT must deal with key issues behind the doctors' strike.Junior doctors in most parts of the country have gone on strike, no surprise there. The strike action by the doctors has become an annua...

By Editorial - newsday | Published: 04 December 2018

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