Deciding labour matters on technicalities

WHILE a lot has been written about problems related to deciding labour matters on technicalities, many workers who go on to lose cases over-rely on technicalities as a basis for appeals.In one of my r...

By Davies Ndumiso Sibanda | Published: 17 August 2017


The Zimbabwe dollar

THE year 1980 was a very good year indeed, not only for political reasons, but economic reasons as the Zimbabwe dollar was very strong against major currencies, even way stronger than regional currenc...

By Morris Mpala, MoB Capital Ltd | Published: 16 August 2017


Savings as solution to SME financing

Cash in hand allows the business flexibility to take immediate advantage of opportunities when they arise, but also gives the SME a critical cash cushion when things turn out not so well during lean p...

By Dr Sanderson Abel | Published: 16 August 2017


How to Invest in the Zimbabwe Capital Market

Zimbabweans work hard for every dollar they make, hustling to make an honest living. "The hustle" also known in Shona as "kukiya-kiya" or "ukuphanda" in SiNdebele, has become the common practice of h...

By zse | Published: 11 August 2017


WATCH: KFC employment saga debate

The KFC Employment Saga with Affirmative Action Group Regional President Mr Reginald Shoko and Ibhetshu Likazulu Secretary Mr Mbuso Fuzwayo....

By Staff reporter | Published: 09 August 2017


Recapitalisation to breathe life into NRZ

THE $400 million National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) recapitalisation project has put the limelight on the country's rail utility as it gears for revitalisation.Some people are asking if the NRZ is st...

By Nyasha Maravanyika | Published: 09 August 2017


Closing the bond notes debate

The bond notes had managed, against dire predictions, to hold their own. But those opposed to the introduction of a local currency haven't relented in their efforts to junk the bond note. They are det...

By Joram Nyathi | Published: 04 August 2017


Early childhood financial literacy

THE best way to grasp a concept is when one is young. Children have the ability to throttle concepts better than adults. It is in the best interest of society to catch the children young and incalcula...

By Morris Mpala | Published: 02 August 2017


Alternative SMEs taxation models

THERE is no doubt that small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are fast becoming a key economic pillar not only in Zimbabwe but globally. No government today will ignore the interests of this promising sec...

By Prosper Ndlovu | Published: 02 August 2017


How to be successful in financial discipline

Given we are left with four months to year end, are you on target to achieve your financial targets.What went wrong and how can you correct it? It all boils down to financial discipline. Financial di...

By Dr Sanderson Abel | Published: 02 August 2017


SA should consider help from the IMF

The prognosis that the South African economy is in dire straits is pretty obvious even to the untrained eye. The solution to the country's present predicament is also pretty much understood.The Intern...

By Matthew Kofi Ocran | Published: 01 August 2017


Zimbabwe outlook bleak despite projected growth

The presentation by Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa on July 20 was unique in that it was not a mid-term fiscal policy review, but rather a review of the 2016 fiscal year, combined with the outlook ...

By Daniel Ngwira | Published: 28 July 2017


Effective use of language vital to managing

LIKE the old adage says, Language is a key to success! In the world of cutting edge business practice today, language has become a means to successful business operation.For most in leadership, manage...

By Robert Mandeya | Published: 28 July 2017


Understanding financial innovation

Financial innovation can be defined as the act of creating and then popularising new financial instruments.This implies advances over time in the financial instruments and payment systems used in the ...

By Sanderson Abel | Published: 26 July 2017


The impact of Zim's additional bond notes

The recent media reports that the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) plans to inject more bond notes into the economy are unsurprising as no permanent solution to the country's cash crisis is yet found.De...

By Persistence Gwanyanya | Published: 25 July 2017


'Zimbabwe army to decide Mugabe successor'

Daily News chief writer Fungi Kwaramba sat down with respected University of Zimbabwe Political Science lecturer, Eldred Masunungure, to unpack the thorny succession issue in Zanu-PF, which has caus...

By Staff reporter | Published: 23 July 2017


Command agriculture improves food security

Command agriculture is a more than half a billion dollar agricultural scheme focused on contract maize farming, aimed at ensuring food self-sufficiency.It was introduced at the start of the 2016-2017 ...

By Staff reporter | Published: 23 July 2017


Zim's reckless spending unsustainable

IF there is anything critical to come out of Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa's lacklustre mid-term fiscal policy review statement in parliament yesterday, it is the grim reality that government is ...

By Dumisani Muleya | Published: 22 July 2017


Econet Wireless has failed many times

IF you do not know Econet then you are from Mars because it is one of the Mobile Network Operators (MNO) that brought the first cellphones in your hands to Zimbabwe.The brand has had an impact locally...

By Morris Mpala, MoB Capital Ltd | Published: 19 July 2017


Utilise Zimra hotline to report corruption

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) is doing well in discharging its constitutional obligation of collecting taxes for the State under very difficult circumstances.It is not easy to enforce tax com...

By Staff reporter | Published: 19 July 2017


Dispute settlement in public private partnership projects

Like any other contract, public private partnership projects are susceptible to disputes. The likelihood of disputes in conventional procurement is minimal in supply contracts.Works contracts tend to ...

By Nyasha Chizu | Published: 17 July 2017


Zimbabwe cost of living unjustifiably high

Nearly a decade after ravaging hyperinflation - characterised by steep commodity prices rising by the day - it seems Zimbabwe remains a very expensive country to live in.Back then, around 2006-8, the ...

By Eric Chiriga | Published: 11 July 2017


Expectations from national credit reference system

The going live of the central credit registry system is a big milestone for the financial services sector in Zimbabwe since the introduction of the multi-currency system.It is a accepted fact that the...

By Dr Sanderson Abel | Published: 05 July 2017


Good governance key to securing more funding for Zimbabwe

We note with pleasure the signing of a $270 million deal for the National Indicative Programme (Nip) between Zimbabwe and the European Union (EU) yesterday.The deal is targeted at supporting agricultu...

By Staff reporter | Published: 17 February 2015


Make the most of that qualification!

Education doesn't come cheap! For education to prove an investment, one needs to have a clear vision of what one wants to gain out of it. And it will prove to be as useful as you want to make it.A pie...

By Regenesys | Published: 16 February 2015

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