ZSE rally takes a breather

THE Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE's) bull run yesterday came to a halt after the mainstream Industrials Index shed 9,41 points or 2,35 percent to 390,62 levels on profit takings.Turnover for the day wa...

By Staff reporter | Published: 6 hours ago


Equities' bullish run stopped

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange's mainstream Industrial Index retreated 9.41 points to end at 390.62 as beverages giant Delta was down $0, 2571 to close at $2, 7000, while conglomerate Innscor shed $0, 02...

By Staff reporter | Published: 23 hours ago


ZSE industrials heads to dizzy heights

THE bull run on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange continued yesterday as the mainstream Industrials Index headed to dizzy heights scaling past the 300 level on sustained demand. By the close the main Indust...

By Staff reporter | Published: 12 September 2017


ZSE hits fresh high as rally continues

THE Zimbabwe Stock Exchange continued to rally unabated with total market capitalisation reaching fresh highs of $8 billion last Friday.The mainstream Industrials Index recorded the year's biggest one...

By Staff reporter | Published: 11 September 2017


'SECZ to oversee listed companies'

THE Securities Act is being amended to give the Securities Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe (SECZ) powers to regulate listed companies.SECZ chief executive officer, Tafadzwa Chinamo said it was an anom...

By Staff reporter | Published: 11 September 2017


Speculation fuels equities rally

Speculation and a mad rush to preserve value has pushed up the value of equities as investors and fund managers scramble to hedge value amid heightened inflation fears and currency devaluation.Most co...

By Staff reporter | Published: 08 September 2017


ZSE rallies as flight from cash assets continues

THE total value of Zimbabwe Stock Exchange hit a new record high on Tuesday as investors holding on to near-cash assets continue to pile into the bourse as a safe haven over currency concerns. At pres...

By Staff reporter | Published: 07 September 2017


ZSE market capitalisation hits US$7,144bn

THE Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) market capitalization yesterday hit an all-time high, reaching $7, 114 billion in total market capitalisation as both indices rallied to their highest levels since do...

By Staff reporter | Published: 06 September 2017


RTGs money drives ZSE

THE sustained rally on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange is due to huge amounts of RTGs money that has been released into the economy by Government through debt assumption, the Securities Exchange Commissio...

By Staff reporter | Published: 05 September 2017


ZSE posts all-time post-dollarisation high

The ZSE's mainstream Industrial Index registered a new all-time high post dollarisation having surpassed 233.18 set on 01 August 2013 to close at 235.03.This was after it added 3.01 points in today's ...

By Staff reporter | Published: 31 August 2017


ZSE edges closer to all-time high

THE industrial index yesterday maintained its northward trajectory, firming by 1,58 percent to close at 232,02 points after gains in heavyweight counters. The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) is now movi...

By Staff reporter | Published: 31 August 2017


ZSE ends week on a high note

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange has ended the week on a higher note on the back of gains by the industrial listed counters.The industrial index closed the week on a higher note after putting on 1.83 poin...

By Staff reporter | Published: 28 August 2017


Heavyweights drive industrial gains

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange's mainstream Industrial Index surged by 2.81 points to close at 217.90 in a rally across the board.Heavyweight counters dominated the session as cigarette-maker BAT Zim ros...

By Staff reporter | Published: 23 August 2017


ZSE ends week on high note

TRADING on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) last week ended on a high note driven by the rise in share prices of industrial stocks.Data from the ZSE showed that the industrial index closed the week o...

By Staff reporter | Published: 21 August 2017


Industrials gain 1.7% week-on-week

On a week-on-week basis, the ZSE's mainstream Industrial Index improved by 1, 70 percent.In today's trades, the Industrial Index gained 0.33 points to close at 210.61 ahead of the Heroes and Defence F...

By Staff reporter | Published: 11 August 2017


ZSE maintains momentum

THE Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) industrial index advanced 4,83 points week-on-week to close at 209,93 points on Wednesday as local appetite for stocks persists.The mining index rose 1,12 points to 7...

By Staff reporter | Published: 10 August 2017


Mangudya leaves interest rates unchanged

Zimbabwe's central bank chief John Mangudya left interest rates unchanged, saying lowering the rates could be a moral hazard in the troubled country, despite his push to stimulate production and gener...

By Staff reporter | Published: 04 August 2017


Zimbabwean stocks on 4-year high

Zimbabwean stocks closed on a four-year high on Friday, as investors continued to pile into the equities market amid limited investment options and currency concerns.By the close of trade, the Zimbabw...

By Staff reporter | Published: 21 July 2017


Delta remains the ZSE's bellwether stock

AN Equity analyst from a deading stockbroker says Delta remains the ZSE's bellwether stock.In a note to clients, Imara Edwards analyst, Addmore Chakurira, said in their opinion, "Delta remains the ZSE...

By Ngoni Shenjere | Published: 20 July 2017


'ZSE to continue trending upwards'

The market is anticipated to trend upwards in the near future as institutional investors invest in the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE), despite a lack of support from fundamentals, local analysts say.E...

By Staff reporter | Published: 19 July 2017


IPO expected on ZSE this year

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange could this year register its second initial public offering listing since dollarisation while three more companies are eyeing listings on the debt market.Of the four prospe...

By Staff reporter | Published: 18 July 2017


ZSE opens week in green

The industrial index moved closer to 200 point mark after it opened the week firmer at 198.55 points following a 0.14 point gain.Trading activity was subdued in today's session.CFI Holdings soared 3....

By Staff reporter | Published: 17 July 2017


'Shadow economy to blame for cash shortages'

FINANCE minister Patrick Chinamasa has disclosed that cash deposits of $760 million are needed to solve the cash crisis currently bedevilling the country.Chinamasa told the Senate on Thursday that peo...

By Staff reporter | Published: 15 July 2017


ZSE recovers from losses

Trading on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange recovered from losses to register gains on the back of renewed investor interest.The industrial index recovered 0.20 points to close at 198.05 points as demand r...

By Staff reporter | Published: 13 July 2017


ZSE market capitalisation for June rose 20%

THE Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) market capitalisation for the month of June, rose 20,09% to close at $5,99 billion, an IH securities report has shown.According to the brokerage firm, the Industrial ...

By Staff reporter | Published: 11 July 2017

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