| Further Cautionary Statement

Published: 27 August 2017
Reference is made to the Cautionary Statement issued by the Board on 4 August 2017, in which the Directors of Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe Limited ("BBZ") advised shareholders and other stakeholders that, following negotiations between Barclays Bank PLC ("BBPLC") and FMB Capital Holdings PLC ("FMB"), an agreement had been signed between BBPLC and FMB, pursuant to which FMB will acquire BBPLC's majority shareholding in BBZ, subject to certain terms and conditions ("the Transaction").

BBPLC and FMB are in the process of fulfilling the conditions precedent to the Transaction, which include, but are not limited to, approval by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. Shareholders and the public are therefore advised that the Transaction is subject to statutory, regulatory and other approvals and, as such, should continue to exercise caution and to consult their professional advisors when dealing in the shares of BBZ.

Further details regarding this Transaction will be made available in the circulars of BBZ and FMB to be published in due course.
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