Mugabe swears in new Cabinet

Mugabe swears in new Cabinet
Published: 11 September 2013
President Mugabe today swore in his 26-member Cabinet of ministers, their deputies and several minister of state at a colourful ceremony held at State House in the presence of the ministers' friends and relatives.

First to take the oath was Vice President Mujuru followed by ministers then their deputies and ministers of state.

The swearing in of the new Cabinet ends speculation that has been building up over the weeks on the appointments.

Various ministers who were interviewed emphasised the need to fulfill the promises that Zanu-PF made in its manifesto.

The ministers also called for collective effort in resolving the country's problems. The appointment of the new Cabinet has already been welcomed by the business community.

A lot is expected of the new Cabinet with most Zimbabweans expecting the implementation of policies and measures that will turnaround the country's economy and attract the much-needed investment, which will help ease the liquidity constraints in the economy.

President Mugabe has already indicated that his party will deliver on the promises that it made in its manifesto, which anchored its election campaign.

The Zanu-PF manifesto emphasized the need for total empowerment and job creation through the leveraging of the country's natural resources such as minerals.
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