SAZ seeks to enforce standards within SMEs

SAZ seeks to enforce standards within SMEs
Published: 10 August 2017
The Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) is engaging an Indian partner in the roll out of national programme aimed at promoting the adherence to standards among the small to medium enterprises sector for export competitiveness.

The local standards body has identified the small to medium enterprises sector as potential sector for growth and has prioritised the capacity building in order to enhance the adherence to standards for export competitiveness.

SAZ Director General Dr Eve Gadzikwa says the association is finalising talks with an Indian partner for the roll out of a maturity model aimed at measuring and enforcing quality standards within the SMEs sector.

India is currently implementing the ambitious zero effect zero defect (zed) certification scheme under which government is targeting to certify one million SMEs in the next three years.

The SAZ has also raised concern over the misuse of its logo by non-compliance firms and is currently engaging a service provider to introduce a software package which will enable the association to track genuinely certified products.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce recently made a clarion call for local industry to improve the quality of products in order for them to compete on the export market and to take standards as part of their business strategy.
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