New $100 bill expected in October

Published: 30 June 2013
New York - For only the fourth time in history, there will be a new $100 bill.

America's Federal Reserve announced that after a three-year delay due to slower-than-expected production there will be an improved, high-tech $100 bill.

The bill is set to debut on Oct. 8.

What's so special about the new greenback?

To start, the Fed says the the bill is a culmination of a decade-long research and design process.

The note features a series of amped-up security measures aimed at combating counterfeiters, including a blue, 3-D security ribbon on the front of the bill that moves when the note is tilted back and forth and side to side.

The inkwell and bell on the front of the bill and the number 100 on the right-hand corner also change from copper to green when the note is tilted.

This is the fourth time the $100 bill has been redesigned, according to a Fed spokeswoman. It has been revamped three times in the last 20 years alone, as the Fed had to react more often to improved counterfeiting technology.

The design was first unveiled in 2010 and was meant to go into circulation in Feb. 2011.

- CNNMoney
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