Azam TV comes to Zimbabwe

Azam TV comes to Zimbabwe
Published: 12 March 2018
THE launch of Kwese TV in Zimbabwe gave viewers more options to choose from. The pay TV scene is about to get more interesting with another player, Azam TV, also making moves to set up shop in the country. A subsidiary of Tanzania-based Bakhresa Group, the satellite television was established in 2013 and Azam TV is already available in several countries. These include Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi and Malawi.

With over 100 channels across genres, along with affordable bouquets, this will be welcome news to many. While DStv has had a monopoly for a long time, it has lately been under fire from the public because of its restrictive payment methods.

Many people have migrated to Kwese TV, which despite lacking depth in terms of channels, has cheaper packages and offers simpler payment platforms.

The introduction of another satellite television option might just be what the doctor ordered as the competition will ensure all parties up their game.

Speaking to The Sunday Mail Society last week, Bakresa Group representative Yusuf K Kamau said, "We have engaged both the Ministry of Media, Information and Broadcasting Services, and the Broadcasting Authorities of Zimbabwe, and they have told us the channels we have to follow in order to start operating our pay TV entity in the country.

"The application procedures are already underway and we are in the process of ensuring that we meet all the requirements. We want to bring this product to Zimbabwe as soon as yesterday, so basically if we get the green light, we will unroll the project."

He said Azam TV provided top quality family entertainment at affordable prices.

"We have over 100 exciting channels covering a wide range of genres from sport to entertainment and we are bringing these at very affordable prices. From as little as US$5, people will be able to access the service and our most expensive bouquet only costs US$15 which makes us the cheapest pay TV service in the region."

Bakresa Group is one of the largest conglomerates in Southern Africa, with investments in food and beverages, packaging, logistics, marine passenger services, petroleum and entertainment.
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