HCC sues NRZ

HCC sues NRZ
Published: 16 December 2018
Harare City Council (HCC) has dragged the government-owned National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) to the High Court over failure to pay rates totalling more than
$200 000.

In its founding affidavit, HCC through its lawyers Kanokanga and Partners, said NRZ has an outstanding balance of $208 369,55 which was due to be paid to the local authority by December 5.

Kanokanga said despite the obligation that NRZ has, the parastatal failed to settle the debt owed to the local authority.

"The defendant has a legal obligation to pay rates to the plaintiff in respect of its ratable property. The defendant has a rates account number 00164221 with the plaintiff.

"The defendant owes plaintiff $208 369. 55 by way of unpaid rates as at December 5, 2018 in respect of the aforesaid account.

"In terms of the law, Harare Council is entitled to charge interest at 10 percent per annum on overdue rates. In spite of the demand, defendant has either failed, refused or neglected to pay the aforesaid amount," Kanokanga said.

The State rail operator has also  been ordered to make an appearance to defend its plea by making an appearance in the High Court's entry book within 10 days after receiving the summons.

The lawsuit comes at a time when NRZ recently approached the High Court seeking an order compelling Grain Marketing Board (GMB) to pay $710 696 in rental arrears and another order to evict the parastatal from its premises over breach of a lease agreement.
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