'Mugabe planes' torment minister

'Mugabe planes' torment minister
Published: 17 April 2018
Parliament is turning up the heat on beleaguered Transport minister Joram Gumbo, demanding that he provides convincing answers on all aspects of the controversial new airport, Zimbabwe Airways - said to have links with former president Robert Mugabe's family.

This comes as the purchase price of four wide-bodied aircraft from Malaysia to be used by Zimbabwe Airways has set tongues wagging - amid damaging allegations that this had been inflated by more than $100 million, from $70 million a staggering $180 million.

At the centre of the controversy is a secretive company, the Zimbabwe Aviation Leasing Company which all along was said to be fronted by Zimbabwean living in the Diaspora but is now said to belong to the government.
- Daily News
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