Private firm to set up 125MW solar plant in Vic Falls

Published: 18 April 2018
A PRIVATE firm, Southpole Consulting Private Limited, has engaged the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (Zera) seeking a power generation licence to set up a 125 megawatts solar plant in Victoria Falls.

The regulatory authority confirmed the application in a notice. If approved, Zera said the proposed solar project would be situated at 109 Woodlands Estate in Victoria Falls. The project is expected to generate power for own consumption as well as contribute to the national grid.

"The solar scheme will be partly for own consumption. The project will also entail connection of the proposed solar system to the national grid at the proposed Victoria Falls (132)88kv switching station," said Zera.

Due to power generation constraints presently existing in the country, the Government has invited Independent Power Producers (IPPs) including local companies and industries to invest in power generation to promote industrial activity.

The contribution of IPPs to the national grid was presently minimal and is expected to increase when big power generation expansion projects come on stream this year.

Zera last year issued power generation licences to nine independent power producers (IPPs) with a potential to produce a cumulative 260 megawatts of electricity. Two of the licences were for the establishment of mini-hydro power plants, while six were for solar photovoltaic projects. One of the licences was for a hybrid solar and diesel venture.

However, Zera chief executive officer, Engineer Gloria Magombo, has said the regulator would be tough on IPPs that were failing to achieve set milestones.

She is on record as saying Zera will withdraw licences for IPPs that have failed to come up with quarterly reports on their milestones and some of the IPPs have been accused of holding onto the licences for speculative purposes.
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