ILO pledge to fund TNF

ILO pledge to fund TNF
Published: 17 May 2018
THE International Labour Organisation (ILO) has pledged to fund the Zimbabwean Tripartite Negotiation Forum (TNF) in a bid to strengthen social dialogue in the country.

ILO country director Hopalong Phororo said the global labour organisation was ready to offer relevant assistance to the TNF, which comprises government, business and labour.

"I would like to reiterate that the ILO is ready to support its tripartite constituents within the framework of the decent work country programme to strengthen the laws, institutions and practice of tripartism that Zimbabwe needs to realise the goal of decent work for all," she said.

"Zimbabwe has a number of key social, political and economic decisions to be made which are hoped to reflect the aspirations of Zimbabweans and move the nation closer to the goal of social justice for all. However, this will not be possible without progressive social dialogue ― whether consultations, negotiations, or simply exchange of information to fashion out lasting solutions," Phororo said.

Employers Confederation of Zimbabwe executive director John Mufukare, however, said that while ILO's commitment was welcome, its ability to fully support the social partners could be limited.

"ILO has always been a very supportive partner, but they have problems with their budget hence capacity might be there but, ability could be constrained," he said.

Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions secretary-general Japhet Moyo dismissed ILO's pledge, saying it would only make a difference if government was committed to facilitate the creation of the legal framework.

"That commitment should come from government and even if they fund the creation of a secretariat, we still need a legal framework, which is not there. We know that government wants them to pay for the setting up of the secretariat, but it may not be viable to fund something that is not statutory," he said.

The TNF was created to promote social dialogue, poverty eradication, employment creation and initiate an economic turnaround.
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