MDC Alliance remains talk show as clock ticks

MDC Alliance remains talk show as clock ticks
Published: 16 July 2018
Two weeks before the elections the MDC Alliance has largely remained a talk show of kindergarten stories that have no takers in the adult world, which unfortunately, constitutes the voting college.

Back in the village as the 2018 harmonised elections draw near it has turned out mainly to be a race between a mule and an experienced thoroughbred horse.

Suffice to say the mule started the race on fast and slapdash strides, way back in February amid pageantry, zest and ballyhoo, indeed amid miscalculated strides punctuated by silent farts that announced themselves through smell.

The horse gloriously took off three months later in steady and sure giant gallops that spoke to nothing but serious business and quickly overtook the mule, despite the chubby one's strutting and fretting stunts, punctuated with silent farts that rapidly increased in tempo and loudest crescendo as the diminutive one sensed defeat.

Those who do not read Zimbabwe's political landscape correctly, indeed gave the mule a chance and today I am sure they can see that it was a figment of their mind. The race is no longer a contest. It ceased to be one the day the horse took off.

Today, back in the village, the 2018 election is already concluded and won by Zanu-PF and the July 30 voting is a legal endorsement which will be done in peace and tranquillity. It is a loss for MDC Alliance. The question is by what margin? In the village narrative, the MDC alliance has offered nothing to make it a contenting alternative to Zanu-PF.

The MDC Alliance has largely remained a talk show characterised by kindergarten stories that have no takers in the adult world which unfortunately, constitutes the voting college. The end is nigh!

Suffice to say, if elections were to be held today at Early Child Development schools MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa would win, for, all his talk belongs there. The Disneyland tall tales that have become the hallmark of his election campaign are befitting in ECD not in the serious space of nation building and development. Never!

For a nation that has been excluded from the greater part of the international fora, it needs serious takers who are strategically superior not kids, still learning the ropes.

We need to be speaking to the country's problems and intended solutions and not to kindergarten stuff. Zimbabwe needs serious politicians like President Mnangagwa, who have the depth of character and knowledge on how to have the country re-admitted into the international for a while at the same time balancing with old all-weather friends and the new ones.

It is painful narrative for the opposition that has become a grouping of cry-babies, bereft of seriousness, ideas and the depth to remove Zanu-PF from power.

Staring imminent defeat. MDC Alliance has of late resorted to acting as both a referee and a player. The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) has become the Alliance's feeding trough day in day out.

The Alliance has gone overdrive to try and destroy the integrity of Zec. Seeing that there is no violence to blame Zanu-PF on, there is nothing else to blame Zanu-PF, Zec has become the main target of the losing MDC Alliance.

Now Chamisa cannot address a rally and finish without accusing Zec of this and that. Chamisa has become the Neymar Junior of politics. For the benefit of those who don't know Neymar Jnr. He is that Brazilian player whose hallmark of the 2018 World Cup has been his falling stunts and faking injuries and appealing to the referee for free kicks.

The referees ended up ignoring Neymar Jnr. As a result, his team Brazil failed to make it beyond quarter finals. Now anyone who fakes fouls is called a Neymar. Neymar abused referees. Chamisa has become the Neymar of politics.

He is also abusing Zec.

Chamisa through lack of political tact and a dearth of thought process, has made it impossible for any reasonable person to take him seriously. He is insensitive to the tenets of national building such as law, relationships, peddling of lies and abuse of democratic processes.

Sensing and seeing imminent defeat, Chamisa has turned to destroying the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission. Not that he is stupid but because he has to save his face. Chamisa is creating an atmosphere for a post-election defeat safe landing. He knows he is losing but he is creating stories about Zec rigging as a face saver.

He needs some.

Zanu-PF has tactically destroyed every other narrative that made MDC and now MDC Alliance tick. For years MDC's rallying and survival point was that former President "Mugabe Must Go!"

He is gone through Zanu-PF processes, so what? Zanu-PF has re-engaged with everyone in the world and where does it leave MDC Alliance? Nowhere!

Zanu-PF Government has gone overdrive to sort the urban roads and infrastructure that MDC led councils destroyed and failed to maintain. The people are seeing it happen.

MDC Alliance always blamed Zanu-PF for political violence and there has not been any. If anything MDC is the violent one.

Chamisa is surrounded with those rowdy youths and gangsters that he uses to set after dignified people and institutions. The same red-eyed youths are the ones he used to push out Thokozani Khupe and many others from the echelons of party power. Today Chamisa is using the same youths to abuse Zec chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba. It is a sad story of a politician who is afraid of facing defeat in a dignified manner. In mature politics defeat should be taken honourably, humanely and responsibly. Chamisa must start preparing for his defeat in a dignified manner.

To my ancestors be the glory!
- the herald
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