Zimbabwe's CVR runs out of number plates

Zimbabwe's CVR runs out of number plates
Published: 06 September 2018
The Central Vehicle Registry (CVR) has run out of vehicle registration plates, an official have confirmed.

In an interview, Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) Director, Mr Johannes Pedzapasi, said the shortage had been caused by a delay in shipment of the plate-making material from Germany where the country sources the material which is then stamped with the numbers locally.

Mr Pedzapasi also attributed the delay to high sea levels in the Indian Ocean, leading to the delay in the shipment's arrival in the country. He said the vehicle registration plates had since arrived in the country and were yet to be distributed to respective provinces.

Stranded motorists said they had waited for over two weeks to get vehicle registration plates. They said they were facing problems with the police over lack of number plates.
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