Bulawayo pins hopes on devolution

Bulawayo pins hopes on devolution
Published: 21 September 2018
BULAWAYO Province has high hopes about devolution of power for the city's re-industrialisation and job creation as a devolved system would allow the city to shape its destiny.

The Government is working on modalities towards the implementation of devolution that would see provinces running their respective economies. In an interview yesterday, the Bulawayo Provincial Affairs Minister, Judith Ncube, said devolution will enable the province to chart its economic path through consensus building with its residents.

"Akulankwal' eyaqhwandel' eyinye (each man for himself). Therefore, if there is devolution which empowers us to decide on our destiny as Bulawayo, it will be easy for us because we will have a consensus, more so, when we would be having our own budget," said Ncube.

"I believe this (devolution) is the centre pivot for Bulawayo's re-industrialisation agenda. We will decide on our fate as Bulawayo. We might encounter teething problems but we need to shape it well to suit our culture, to suit our needs as Bulawayo province." Ncube said as part of servant leadership, her office is open to all Bulawayo residents.

"Together we should find our way forward. I have held a brief meeting with heads of government departments but we are yet to chart the way forward. We have to consider what we already have and what we should put on our priority list. More so, I'm looking at a situation where our priority areas should come from the people," said Ncube.

She said periodical reports from heads of government departments as spelt out by President Mnangagwa were important as they will allow for proper monitoring and evaluation of their success.

"When we say Zimbabwe is open for business, Bulawayo is also open for business. We need to come up with a way that we are going to map together. How do we tackle this? Here is a situation, here is a challenge how do we tackle this. Together we can make it without frustrating anybody, without fighting anybody. Facts are stubborn," she said.
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