Mnangagwa dismisses negative media reports

Mnangagwa dismisses negative media reports
Published: 19 November 2018
ZIMBABWE is tackling all the challenges it is facing head-on despite some media reports that the hurdles facing the country cannot be resolved, President Mnangagwa has said.

Writing on his weekly column published by our sister papers, The Sunday Mail and Sunday News, the President said while he appreciates criticism, it was grossly unfair to focus only on the negative without also appreciating the positive that has occurred in the country.

"It is simply untrue and insincere to claim that our problems are the worst; that these are insurmountable, or that they are not being tackled head-on and resolved; that we are failures!

"Equally, it is simply untrue that we are the most corrupt nation, let alone the most tolerant of corruption," he said.

The President said his administration has declared zero tolerance to corruption and has acted on some cases within the confines of the law.

"The motions of justice can be frustratingly slow, yet that is the way it works. There is no culture of impunity here. Under the New Dispensation, democracy has 'broken out' and continues to blossom. Civil liberties are at their most secure since our Independence. More continues to be done to deepen and secure them," said the President.

He said the recent, unfortunate outbreak of cholera and typhoid triggered far-reaching interventions which are continuing and are likely to change the urban landscape forever.

President Mnangagwa said national peace, stability and unity were secure and assured. He said the economy was on the rebound.

"All these are great positives which deserve celebrating, but without glossing over or minimising our challenges. The march to 2030 is on and unstoppable," said President Mnangagwa.

The Government has adopted the "Zimbabwe is open for business" policy and enunciated Vision 2030, whose goal is to achieve an upper middle income economy in the next 12 years.

President Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe was about to commemorate the first anniversary of dramatic events of Operation Restore Legacy which ushered in a new political and economic dispensation the country now enjoys.

"What distinguished this revolution from all others that have happened on our African continent and elsewhere in the world is the sheer peace which accompanied it. Yet reading through review articles in newspaper columns today, the focus is on "guns", and not on "roses" which made the whole episode such a unique and an enchanting model in social change, unexampled anywhere in the world," said the President.
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