Mwonzora dismisses claims that he was eyeing the MDC presidency

Mwonzora dismisses claims that he was eyeing the MDC presidency
Published: 20 November 2018
MDC secretary-general (SG) Douglas Mwonzora yesterday said the party was united, dismissing claims that party president Nelson Chamisa is pushing for his and vice-president Elias Mudzuri's ouster.

Speaking at the Alpha Media Conversations yesterday, Mwonzora also dismissed claims that he was eyeing the party presidency. He said even though they might not see eye to eye on some issues with Chamisa, he respects the MDC leadership.

Mwonzora said there was an enemy who was trying to divide the party.

"I want to assure all democratic lovers and agents for democracy that their party MDC is intact," he said.

"The fact that we are intact does not mean that we are homogenous both physically and mentally. We may not see things the same way every time and that is to be expected, but there is one danger that people should be always on the look out for: people try to play one leader against the other and they use history to do that."

This came after Elias Mambo, an investigative journalist, who was one of the panellists said Zimbabwe did not have an opposition party which could keep the government on its toes, but has an opposition party which is dealing with its internal issues.

"The role of the opposition party is to keep the government in check, it's unfortunate that at the moment the opposition party in Zimbabwe is in the intensive care unit, it suffered with the death of Morgan Tsvangirai, and at the moment there is no opposition to talk about. All we are seeing right now are squabbles within the opposition. They have dumped their actual role," Mambo said.

But Mwonzora said the MDC was a democratic party where members were free to challenge Chamisa in the upcoming congress next year.

"I am currently not contesting for anything, I am the current SG of the MDC, I recognise the people who are above me in terms of rank. MDC is a democracy and being a democracy contestation for positions is allowed within the MDC, not only that, president Chamisa has addressed internal meetings at which I have been present where he has said that this is democracy. In fact, at one point referring to me he said it is Mr Mwonzora's right to contest if he wants to contest, he said it in my presence," he said.

There were reports that Chamisa was targeting Mwonzora and Mudzuri who met Chief Justice Luke Malaba and apologised for being heckled by MPs in Parliament without his blessing, a move that reportedly irked the MDC leader who wanted to axe them before congress.

Mwonzora, a long-time foe of Chamisa was also reported to be plotting to challenge Chamisa at the party's forthcoming congress which will now be held in October next year.

- newsday
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