One-stop medical centre opens in Kwekwe

Published: 22 November 2018
A STATE-OF-THE-ART one-stop medical facility, Westview Medical Centre, has been opened in Kwekwe to offer health services to the town's residents.

Westview Medical CentreThe centre, located opposite the National Museums and Monuments Hall, comes at a time when Kwekwe General Hospital is facing a plethora of challenges, including shortage of specialists and drugs, as well as inadequate equipment and poor ambulance services.

The doctor-in-charge, Elliot Tavashure, said the medical centre, which accepted all payment forms and medical aid cards without top ups was established to be a lifeline for the city.

"In Kwekwe, we don't have any other facility which operates 24 hours, and people were travelling to Harare or Bulawayo for specialist medical treatment and for services such as endoscopy. We are coming in to bridge that gap so that we offer all health services under one roof," he said.

The new medical centre offers general practice services, pharmacy, optometry, orthopaedic and diagnostic services. The centre currently runs with two general practitioners, a specialist physician, a gynaecologist, an orthopaedic surgeon, and a specialist general surgeon.

Plans are afoot to offer dermatology, dentistry, urology and endoscopic services in the first half of next year.
- newsday
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