Tollgate, vehicle insurance fees to go up 'very soon'

 Tollgate, vehicle insurance fees to go up 'very soon'
Published: 29 April 2019
The government says it will raise tollgate fees within weeks.

Transport Minister Joel Matiza says the increase in tollgate fees, currently RTGS$2 for small vehicles, RTGS$3 for minibuses, RTGS$4 for buses, RTGS$5 for heavy vehicles and RTGS$10 for horse and trailer trucks, has been necessitated by a sharp increase in the prices of materials and equipment used in road construction.

"Definitely, the government is planning to increase tollgate fees soon. We don't have the figures yet because we need to do consultations with various stakeholders, and once we have done that, then the increase will be announced," Matiza told The Standard on Sunday.

"The money collected will go towards the road fund, and the increase is imperative because the prices of materials used for roads have increased, and even the price of bread is far much more than tollgate fees."

Matiza said vehicle licence and insurance fees will also be increased, which would almost certainly lead to transport operators raising fares.

The Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA) collects over $5.5 million monthly from the 26 tollgates on the country's highways.

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga last week threatened to shut down businesses that he said were raising prices.

"If one tries to practise financial terrorism in Zimbabwe, we will react appropriately and no-one should cry that he has not been treated fairly," Chiwenga said.
- ZimLive
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