UK firm to invest in Zimbabwe

UK firm to invest in Zimbabwe
Published: 27 July 2017
A UNITED Kingdom construction company has set its eyes on setting up business in Zimbabwe saying the country is a good investment destination.

Parry Building Products Limited also seeks to engage the Government for possible partnerships in implementing projects that will assist Zimbabwe in attaining Sustainable Development Goals.

The company's primary focus would be to manufacture and market technologies that seek to reduce cost and enhance production efficiency.

Parry Building Products managing director, Mr Oliver Glendinning, said the company supplies manual machines for construction of single and multi-story structures utilising unskilled labour, cost saving production methods and affordable mobile machinery that does not require electricity or fuel to operate.

"Parry Building Products Limited is an engineering and construction company from the UK making affordable, durable and quality construction equipment with huge cost saving applications," he said.

"Currently trading with 20 countries across Africa, we see Zimbabwe as the next and one of the most promising investment destinations. Parry has unique products and services unavailable from Asia or the continent helping local construction firms save up to 40 percent on construction costs and time with their tried and tested products."

The company's Southern Africa regional agent, Ms Sitha Nkomo, said they would soon engage the Government in implementing the projects.

"Once the company is established in the country, we will engage Government to implement various projects that will be beneficial in developing the country. The project is called Oasis and will be beneficial to all Zimbabweans as it will create jobs," said Ms Nkomo.

"Project Oasis will give a solution that provides everything required in initiating, nurturing, developing and delivering a programme of change that will release disadvantaged and displaced communities."

She said the company would provide a variety of precast concrete moulds for lightweight concrete structures utilising cost-saving construction techniques for affordable housing, storage equipment and decorative products and a number of building designs.

It also provides consultancy services, manufacture machinery and offers training services.

The company's local sales executive, Mr Esau Ngavi, said the company uses eco-friendly material, as it was very conscious of the environment.

"Parry Building Products strives to adopt green work practices wherever possible to have a positive impact on the environment. We promote manually powered equipment, which does not require electricity, gas or fuel maintaining a low carbon footprint in its use," he said.
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