Zimbabwe family basket marginally rises

Zimbabwe family basket marginally rises
Published: 13 September 2013
The basket for a family of six rose to $562,52 for the month of August from $561,32 in July due to an increases in the food basket, the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe has said.

According to CCZ, the family basket rose by $1,20 due to an 88c increase in food basket from the July figure.

During the month of August, margarine 500g prices increased by 7 cents to $2,30, 10kg mealie-meal was up 28 cents to $11,98, 500ml fresh milk increased to 73 cents from 70 cents in July.

Flour 2kg increased a cent up to $1,89 while rice 2kg, salt and washing powder 500g rose by 16 cents.

The developments come at a time when the country’s inflation rate has been easing on the back of a weakening rand.

Decreases were noted in the prices of a kilogramme of beef that went down to $3,85 from $3,90 while 750ml cooking oil was down to $1,75 from $1,78.

Prices for tomatoes a kilogramme declined by 14 cents to 61cents, onions went down to 95 cents, cabbage declined 6 cents to 49 cents while laundry soap fell 4 cents to $1,25.
- newsday
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