Zimbabwe exports to SA up 6%

Zimbabwe exports to SA up 6%
Published: 07 October 2013
South Africa has increased market share of manufactured goods that it is importing from Zimbabwe despite the continuous decline in capacity utilisation in local firms.

According to the latest survey by the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries, South Africa increased its import market share by 6% to 18% this year from 12% last year.

Zambia, which maintained its position as the top destination for Zimbabwean exports, gained one percentage point to 31%.

Second-placed Malawi also increased its market share of imports from 17% to 19% in 2013 while Mozambique remained static at 13%.

Botswana's share of Zimbabwean products dropped from 11% last year to 4% and the export market share for the rest of Africa went down from 9% to 7%.
- herald
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