Zim exports to South Africa improve

Zim exports to South Africa improve
Published: 11 May 2018
Zimbabwe's exports to South Africa have improved since January reflecting a sudden recovery of strategic local firms in terms of productivity and competitiveness on commodities and services.

South Africa is Zimbabwe's largest trading partner, however, trade between the two countries has in the past years been in favour of the neighbouring economy.

A combination of depressed production, high costs of production, limited capacity and slowdown in productivity has also seen Zimbabwe becoming a net importer of commodities from South Africa.

However, South Africa Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Mphakama Mbete said there has been a sudden improvement in locally produced export commodities and services to the neighbouring nation.

"Trade volumes are on the recovery path but we do not know whether this will continue, in fact, we are confident of the current gains," he said.

Zimbabwe's exports to South Africa comprise minerals, agro-processed foods, while imports from South Africa are mainly commodities such as cereals, machinery, electricity and medicines among others.

In a related development, the South African embassy in Zimbabwe commemorated the nation's independence day in the capital on today that was attended by several local business people, diplomats, captains of industry and commerce with key issues being centered on strengthening existing bilateral trade, investment and economic cooperation between the two countries.  
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